The Rain is Different Here

And in time… when my lungs cease their process and my heart stops its beat I will breathe in starry ether feel the cosmos beneath my rugged feet And in heaven when it rains a thousand teardrops do not fall to ground for there’s no ground in space and time and the rain here makes... Continue Reading →

The Old Vintner

The vintner pays a visit to his subterranean storage grounds confounded by the visions playing wistful in his blind mind’s eye. And I, ever the chronicler, of this old man’s collective woes did throw myself into his shoes to follow where he goes. Down, down, down the cobbled stair he slowly did descend ‘Now, now, now,’ I... Continue Reading →

Remind Me

Remind me in the morning That there’s hope in every Piercing ray Of sunlight passing through my Earth-toned window shades. Remind me how on cloudy days That hope remains In every single droplet of the Falling rain. Remind me when I can’t recall That hope without feeling pain… That all is not lost. There’s hope... Continue Reading →

The Fog of Knowing

In strange, silky sine waves of moonlight and milk heaven spills its glow upon the moor. A gentle breeze is calling me so, darling, let’s be still and read the stars, and all the parts to be once more. In part, I sit beside you ever softening my breath going deeper to the source that... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Right & Wrong

Knowing the difference between right and wrong  can hurt the ones you never meant to wound.  Deep is the well of regret sitting softly in my chest– knowing… knowing that I did you wrong by doing right by me. Oh, what a mess…

Be Vulnerable

The flower unwilling to open itself to the glory of the sun will never grow beyond its bud and wither away having never truly begun.

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