A Mind Machine & Its Conclusion

I make a choice to sit and stay
Through all the fleeting moments—
Some whose presence in my mind
Decide how long they wish to play
Before the seconds ticking on and on
Render them a mist; and then they fade away.

I make a choice to sit and pray
Or pray tell; could I find a better word–
A more precise set of letters
Formed together to produce exactly
What it is I’m trying to say?

The mind: a truly marvelous machine,
Turning inward, folding inward.
Never giving me the answer
To the questions posed upon itself;
The truth, ironically enough, bare
Naked, simple, right in front of me.

The whirring hum in front
And the consciousness behind.
And like the sweet caress of silence
On my ears amid the evening twilight
I might shed a tear at simply noticing
The even-sweeter truth in sight:

That all that I know
And all that I don’t
Will swirl in perpetuity
And won’t, for any circumstance—
Come life, or death, or something so
Beyond the scope of
What these machines could ever hope
To understand—
Cease its dance; a cycle for the ages
One that only one outside of
Time and space could
Ever fully know.

And so I place my trust
Into the sky, into the sea
For the world’s so small,
And time’s so short,
And I’ve got many places,
People, hopes, and dreams
That I have yet to see.

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